Let CPR Bring Your Pool Back to LIFE!

We Help You Build Your Dream Pool or Outdoor Kitchen

We Help You Build Your Dream Pool or Outdoor Kitchen

Carolina Pool Renovations offers a wide variety of services to meet all of your backyard needs. We provide weekly pool maintenance to keep your pool clean and fresh. We specialize in renovations to keep your pool up to date. We can add special features like umbrella stands, water features, tanning ledges and more……
We build that dream pool you have always wanted or adding that outdoor kitchen to complete the back yard. All of this makes CPR your full service pool company.

Pool maintenance

Pool maintenance

  • Repair and replacement of equipment
  • Weekly maintenance
  • Automation
  • Startup service
  • Pool school
  • Heater replacements
  • Weekly chemical check
  • Filter service
  • Pool openings and closing
Carolina Pool Renovation
Carolina Pool Renovations


Let CPR bring your pool back to LIFE!

There is no job too big or too small for Carolina Pool Renovations. We are a full-service pool company. CPR can handle all of your renovation needs and can do it with an in-house staff. We can do decking, prep, tile, coping, rock, equipment, and surfacing all with our own staff, without any need for sub-contractors.   

We load all of our jobs to Facebook so you can see our progress on each job and know our company is actually doing these pools and not borrowing pictures from the World Wide Web. You will see every phase.

We supervise all phases of the operation from demo to start up, ensuring you get the highest quality possible.

Carolina Pool Renovations

Davis Job:

New equipment, rock coping, tile, repaired 12 cracks in the pool, new Pebble surface, textured and stained decking

Carolina Pool Renovations

Horn Job:

New tile, Travertine coping and Anvil pool surface.

Carolina Pool Renovations

Rodgers Job:

New Travertine coping, tile, blue quartz pool surface, rock work on spa and paver deck overlay.

Carolina Pool Renovations

McMurtrie Job:


This job had three owners. The first owner installed a pool. The second owner made it a pond. The third owner wanted us to take it back to a pool. We cleaned up the pool. We found no benches or steps, so we shot in new ones, installed new plumbing and equipment, new tile, coping and pebble pool surface. We also patched deck and now they have a great pool to swim in.

New construction

Carolina Pool Renovations is a full-service pool company.  CPR specializes in more than just pool renovations and service:

We build new pools also.  Shotcrete pools that are project-managed by the owner from design to fill.

Let us take you on a journey, showing you one complete job from design to completion. 


Patefield Job.

Design: Carolina Pool Renovations uses the latest in design technologies. We will shoot the elevations on the back yard to ensure proper placement and decision making. For instance – do you need a retaining wall? Then we will design and show you the pool - right in your back yard, making other decisions easier - like what color tile or surface should you choose.

Layout, Dig and Steel: We supervise and oversee every phase of our jobs. We combine in-house employees with sub-contractors to ensure the best quality and workmanship possible. We will make sure it is placed properly and built right. It all starts day one of construction.

Shotcrete or Gunite: This is just a process. Gunite is dry mix cement that is mixed at the pool. Shotcrete is wet mix cement that comes in a mixer. We use Shotcrete as it is a more consistent product and we can achieve a higher PSI rating which gives you a stronger shell. Another reason to choose CPR – high quality workmanship and products!

Plumbing, Backfill, Tile & Coping: Our in-house crew performs this process, achieving the highest quality of workmanship and custom work possible. There is nothing too big or too complicated for Carolina Pool Renovations to handle.

Surface, Fill & Decking: Most builders will tell you they can do a pool in 30 days – this should not happen. Cement cures (hardens) over a 28-day period and although tile and coping work can start later in that 28-day cycle, the actual pool surface should never be applied before the cure is completed.

Final Work: Carolina Pool Renovations specializes in custom work, retaining walls, fireplaces and outdoor kitchens. Patefield job is one of them. Green Pebble Surface, custom tile and rock work. Retaining wall planters, landscape lighting and water feature wall with gas fire pit.

Other services

Carolina Pool Renovations offers a wide variety of other services. Whether it is paver or travertine deck overlays, or outdoor kitchens, fire pits, grills, retaining walls and cement work!  We can do anything from custom tile work to custom rock work.  

​Let CPR bring your pool back to LIFE!​​

Gas and Wood Burning Fire Pits

Deck Overlay Over Cement Deck

Water Features, Waterfalls and Bubblers

Custom Tile and Rock Work

Deck Options: Cement, Paver, Tiles, Travertine and Texture


Bring your pool back to LIFE with Carolina Pool Renovations!